Podium is an on-going collaborative project aiming to facilitate discussion around the changing nature of arts education in England, thinking about the space and politics of the subject and the role of the artist in today’s society.

The three founding members of the group, Clare McCormack, Phoebe Eustance and Bethany Cowley, all met while studying Fine Art at the University of Leeds, and first worked together as a group on the curation of their final degree show, £383,911.73, in 2013. In conjunction with the show, they also organised a symposium, For What it’s worth: The Value of Art Education Today, which included talks and discussions covering various issues and changes surrounding higher education, especially within the arts. After the success of these two events, they decided to continue working as a group and apply for new projects where they could continue exploring some of the topics discussed in the symposium. The name ‘Podium’ was chosen to represent the groups aims to provide a platform for discussion, creating an environment or space which enables people to contribute their opinions from diverse backgrounds.



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Artists facilitating discourse around the changing nature of arts education in England through projects and installations

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