Take a Stand. The Art Party Conference 2013

Take a Stand
The Art Party Conference
23rd November

This project builds on the symposium we organised at university, we are responding to some of the discussions and talks by speakers including Andrew McGettigan, Steve Pool and Kate Genever, which took place during the symposium. Questions posed at this symposium were on the value of art and “How am I equipped to be of use?”

As recent graduates of Fine Art we are questioning the place of art and artists and how we contribute to society. We wish to continue to build a socially engaged and collaborative practice.

We have been invited to create a piece for Art Party Conference, Scarborough. This new participatory work responds to current concerns about the value of the arts and arts education in a time of financial crisis. As such we have specially commissioned a ‘market stall’ to be constructed. Its multiple functions will encourage conversation and public announcements. We will offer our skills to audience members free of charge. We request, in return, people share their skills and knowledge with us. We are interested in reaching diverse audiences and so will install this work in other venues as a touring project.

Design for Oratory Structures, Phoebe Eustance

Art Party Conference website: http://www.artpartyconference.co.uk/
More about the piece: http://www.phoebeeustance.com/Take-a-Stand
Crescent Arts: http://www.crescentarts.co.uk/site/the-art-party/
The Spa Scarborough: http://www.scarboroughspa.co.uk/



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